By Karen Cimms,
The Times News, © 2004

November 22, 2004

Commissioner Wayne Nothstein took time last week to recognize the Carbon County Groundwater Guardians, which just celebrated its fifth annual designation as a Groundwater Guardian Community.

Nothstein and Commissioner William J. O’Gurek met with the group earlier this week, when it gathered to celebrate its most recent accomplishment.

The Carbon County Groundwater Guardians is a non-profit, volunteer organization, organized in 1998, and dedicated to the conservation of groundwater resources in the county. The group is active in advancing groundwater stewardship by educating local residents on groundwater issues, endorsing a countywide recycling program for household hazardous waste, and encouraging increased awareness and involvement or residents by providing well water testing at a reduced rate.

Nothstein said the groundwater guardians have been struggling to survive, and is in need of an infusion of new members.

The Groundwater Guardians have come up against people who are skeptical of their work, believing the organization is seeking to impose restrictions on water use, which is incorrect. The organization makes water testing kits and analysis available at a reduced rate to property owners in Pennsylvania.