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The Keystone Clean Water Team (KCWT) -Carbon County Groundwater Guardian Program (CCGG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer, environmental education organization which provides homeowners with information on private wells, water quality and quantity, and septic systems. We are dedicated to protecting private well owners from illnesses caused by our drinking water. We advance good groundwater stewardship by raising awareness on a variety of groundwater issues that affects everyone with a private water supply. We can help you get your water tested at the lab of your choice and explain the test results.

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Fourteenth Year of Being Recognized as a Groundwater Guardian Community

Pennsylvania  GROUNDWATER GUARDIANS Recognized

The Carbon County Groundwater Guardians recently received national recognition from the Nebraska-based Groundwater Foundation, which designated the county as a “Groundwater Guardian Community.” This is the 14th (fourteenth) consecutive year the local group has received the award. To celebrate that recognition we announced our Free Well and Spring Testing and Screening Program and officially announcing the new name of the organization will be the Keystone Clean Water Team.  The Team will maintain the goals of the Groundwater Guardian Program and will include an objective to provide information and technical support to aid in the formation of new local Groundwater Guardian Organizations throughout Pennsylvania.

We also announcing our official ROA’s for 2014.  We have three  primary ROA or objects for 2014.  These include:

1. Providing fact based information without bias or spin. This information will be provided through our Web-Portal and Facebook Account or by joining the PA Groundwater Forum.
2. PA Groundwater Education, Private Well Owner Workshops, and assisting with the review of data being submitted to the PA Citizens Groundwater and Surfacewater Database in PA.
3. Groundwater and Surfacewater are connected.  Therefore, we will highlight key issues related to watershed management, riparian zones, sourcewater protection, and more.

“The greatest threat to our groundwater and water supply is lack of awareness and misinformation,” said Brian Oram, manager of the Keystone Clean Water Team and Carbon County Groundwater Program.   He explains that misinformation results in the support of efforts that ultimately do not solve the primary problems.   The organization, Oram said, “is a non-profit group designed to encourage citizen involvement in groundwater protection at the local level and to provided fact-based information on multiple topics”.

With the receipt of the Groundwater Guardian Community national award,  we are proud to be recognized and we hope to afford conducting a small celebration to promote this effort and the recent changes to the organization.  We would also like to recognize the new members for the board.   The members of the board include Mr. Rick Grant, Dr. Marleen Troy, Mrs. Susan Gallagher, Mr. Greg Sorber, and Mr. Brian Oram.   We also like to thank the effort and leadership of Mr. Frank Waksmunski.


We seek new people at all skill levels for a variety of programs. One thing that everyone can do is attend meetings to share ideas on improving CCGG, enabling us to better understand and address the concerns of well owners.  We look for people that can forward solid articles, help coordinate local education efforts, and more.  Become part of the Keystone Clean Water Team!.

Everything we do began with an idea.

We realize your time is precious and the world is hectic. CCGG’s volunteers do only what they’re comfortable with. It can be a little or a lot.  Get YOUR WATER Tested – Discounted Screening Tests !

For more information, please go to CCGG’s About Page or contact us.

Carbon County Groundwater Guardians is a 501(c)(3) IRS approved nonprofit, volunteer organization and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Waiting on Official Name change to the Keystone Clean Water Team by the IRS.  Unsolicited donations are appreciated.

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