Sullivan County Pennsylvania Understanding Your Well Water


An evening with Brian Oram, professional geologist and soil & water scientist from B F ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS INC
along with Mr. Ray Martrano lab director from SEEWALD LABORATORIES
Thursday, May 8th, 2014,   6:30 pm for approximately 90 minutes
Lecture and Q&A session to follow
PSU AG CENTER, 9219 Route 487, Dushore Pa

Any homeowner, farmer or industry who has a private water well and wishes to  learn more about the characterisEcs of well water in NE Pa. and how to alleviate  contaminates whether naturally occurring or man influenced. Mr. Oram has  experience in high profile water well issues.  Session is free to the public

Refreshments will be provided
(Please bring your cell phone for the Keystone Clean Water Team – Recycling Program – You may bring along your old cell phones for recycling)

Sullivan County Presentation Groundwater (May 21, 2014)


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