The Keystone Clean Water Team (KCWT), formerly the Carbon County Groundwater Guardians (CCGG), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer, environmental education organization which provides homeowners with information on private wells, water quality and quantity, and septic systems. We are dedicated to protecting private well owners from illnesses caused by our drinking water. We advance good groundwater stewardship by raising awareness on a variety of groundwater issues that affects everyone with a private water supply. We can help you get your water tested at the lab of your choice and explain the test results.  A summary of some of our work in 2013.  In 2014, the organization was renamed as the Keystone Clean Water Team (KCWT).   The following is an updated mission and vision for the Organization.

You can help the Organization a few ways.

1. Donate to the Organization using Paypal and Support Groundwater Education Programs in Pennsylvania.



 2. Send a Donation by Mail – Check Payable to

Carbon County Groundwater Guardians
15 Hillcrest Drive
Dallas, PA 18612

3. Purchase the PA Guide to Private Wells – Proceeds and All Revenues go to Carbon County Groundwater Guardians (KCWT).

4. Get your well or city water tested – a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Carbon County Groundwater Guardians.

5. Share our website with your friends and share  and like us on Facebook.

6. Recycle Your Used Cell Phone – Send your used cell phone to us and we will recycle.  Recycling cell phones can save enough energy to power 18,000 homes per year.

Keystone Clean Water Team
Cell Phone Program (CCGG)
15 Hillcrest Drive
Dallas, PA 18612


We seek new people at all skill levels for a variety of programs. One thing that everyone can do is attend meetings to share ideas on improving KCWT/CCGG, enabling us to better understand and address the concerns of well owners.

Everything we do began with an idea.

We realize your time is precious and the world is hectic. KCWT/ CCGG’s volunteers do only what they’re comfortable with. It can be a little or a lot.

For more information, please go to KCWT/CCGG’s About Page or contact us.