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Pennsylvania Groundwater Quality: Your Private Well:
What Do the Results Mean? – Second Edition, 2012
A Drinking Water Guide for Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Water Quality


By Mr. Brian Oram,  Professional Geologist
B. F. Environmental Consultants Inc.

Water-Research Center

Dr. Sid Halsor, Professional Geologist and
Dr. Brian Redmond,  Professional Geologist

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Announcement on Citizens Groundwater and Surfacewater Database (pdf)

The goal of this booklet is to help educate and inform citizens on issues related to water conservation, ensuring that private water supply systems produce safe drinking water for your family, protecting the long-term quality of our streams and drinking water sources, and helping you to understand the potential sources of pollution to our water resources. The booklet provides general information explaining certified water testing, chain-of-custody, and drinking water regulations and standards. It provides information related to the health (primary standards) or aesthetic (secondary standards) concerns for each parameter and provides information on water quality parameters that do not specifically have a drinking water limit. This reference is intended as a guide to understand water quality by providing guidance on selecting water quality testing parameters for baseline testing from a citizen’s perspective and by serving as a tool to help interpret water quality data.  In some cases, this document provides guidance on what actions you may want to consider.  Act Now – Get Your Water Tested and learn about the health and quality of your well water.

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Source:  PA State Representative – ” Your Guide very helpfully for me and my constituents who own private wells…  and is an instructive guide to me as a policy maker as I strive to protect our water supply” (October 31, 2012).

“Brian, thank you very much, I really appreciate having a copy of your excellent publication“. (February 2012- licensed professional geologist in Pennsylvania)

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This booklet is part of the effort to support the Citizens Groundwater and Surface Water Database, a “Grassroots” effort to track change in groundwater quality in Pennsylvania. To learn more about the Citizen Groundwater/ Surface Water Database and other Grassroots Efforts, including Free Assistance to PA Private Well Owners .

Also – Please check out our Public Service Announcement regarding the $ 50.00 Private Well Owner screening program (Video) or our other Water Testing Options.  Questions on Certified Baseline Testing.