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As officials representing municipalities, you face questions from your concerned residents everyday. Homeowners ask what you can do to correct problems they encounter with their water and wells.

Municipal authorities are not responsible for the quality of the water produced by privately owned wells. The state of Pennsylvania issues no standards for private well water quality. The only time the state gets involved is when there is pollution due to spills, leaking tanks or industry.

When it comes to private wells and water quality issues, we can help.

The Guardians created a program, “How Well Is Your Well,” to help homeowners understand what is involved with monitoring, testing and caring for their own water supply.

This is a seminar with expert speakers covering in detail well construction and maintenance (certified well driller) and well water issues (Director of Wilkes University’s Center for Environmental Quality Water Quality Lab). Attendees can participate in a Q & A session. We can put on seminars in specific communities and central locations.

For information on scheduling a public presentation at your facility please contact Rick by e-mail or call 570-645-8597.

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