Welcome to the Carbon County Groundwater Guardians Kids Page. Here you’ll find interesting facts about groundwater. Share your stories and learn of upcoming events.


Fun Facts

  • All the water there ever was on earth is still on earth. It just keeps changing forms.
  • Water is constantly on the move. Water changes shape between solid, liquid and gas. These changes are called the “water cycle”. Liquid water evaporates becoming gas and rises into the atmosphere. There it condenses to form clouds. This water returns to earth as rain (liquid) or snow and ice (solid). Then the process starts all over again!
  • 33.7% of Pennsylvania’s population depends on ground water for its drinking water supply.
  • The average American uses 80 gallons of water per day and 40 percent (about 32 gallons) of that water goes straight down the drain.
  • Drinking more water can actually save water! Our water resources must be used to produce other beverages like coffee, milk, juices and sodas. Beverages with caffeine can dehydrate you too, causing you to drink even more liquid. So when you’re thirsty, reach for water instead.
  • Groundwater is used in many ways. People and animals drink groundwater. Agriculture uses groundwater for irrigation. Groundwater is also used in industry and manufacturing.

Things you can do to help conserve water.

  • Don’t let water run when doing dishes, brushing teeth, and washing hands and face.
  • Refrigerate a bottle of water instead of letting water run to get cold.
  • Take shorter showers. Five to seven gallons can be saved for every minute. Turn off water while you lather and shampoo. Turn on again to rinse.
  • Ask your parents to wash the car at a public car wash facility where the water is recycled.
  • Sweep paved surfaces such as driveways, streets, sidewalks, garages, and patios. Do not hose down.

(sources: Water Education Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, National Groundwater Association)

In the Know (What do you know about your water?)
Answer the following questions, if you don’t know, ask your parents.


  1. Do you have well water or public system provided water?
  2. Where does your water go when it leaves your house? (septic system, public sewage)
  3. Have you ever had a problem with your water? (smells funny, strange color, low pressure) If so, how was it fixed?
  4. Have you ever had your water tested?

Share your stories with us
Have you helped with a river or stream clean up? Do you have an idea for a project or activity? Send your stories and ideas. Selected submissions will be posted on our website.

Teachers and Home School Parents
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