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CCGG’s water testing program at Wilkes University is no longer available due to circumstances beyond our control, but Mr. Brian Oram with the Water-Research Center is still providing assistance with the informational water testing program.   A new educational guide is available for Private Well Owners in Pennsylvania.  This booklet also explains baseline water testing and the chain of custody process and is a great resource for the private well owner in Pennsylvania and other states.

We realize that getting appropriate water testing for your private water supply can be challenging. The problem of not knowing what to test for and finding a lab that suits your needs can stop people from testing at all.

The Carbon County Groundwater Guardians (CCGG) wants to help homeowners by providing an easy way to test their drinking water. Mr. Brian Oram, Professional Geologist and former Director of the Wilkes University Drinking Water Testing Laboratory, is a charter member of the Groundwater Guardians. Mr. Oram is also the proprietor of B.F. Environmental Consultants, Inc., based in Dallas, PA.

Informational Water Testing
If you feel you need help, you can fill out a short QUESTIONNAIRE that is designed to provide Mr. Oram with specific information about your well. This will allow him to make a recommendation as to what testing you should do thus eliminating unnecessary testing.  If you know what you want with respect to testing and are looking for only informational water testing, we offer a mail order testing program with many options.  The water testing is conducted by a National Laboratory that is certified and a portion proceeds from the informational water testing benefits groundwater education in Pennsylvania and our programs.

Need Help Understanding the Results

You are free to choose any lab you want and any testing options you want. If any result is above the Maximum Contaminate Level (MCL) or you just don’t understand the results, you can receive specific advice and recommendations if you send a copy of the tests to Mr. Oram at 15 Hillcrest Drive, Dallas, PA 18612.   Also, you should order the new booklet for Private Well Owners In PA – proceeds benefit our non-profit organization.

Citizen Groundwater and Surfacewater Database – Tracking Change in Pennsylvania

Becasue of the development of natural gas in our region, we are encouraging all private well owners to get baseline testing conducted and we are helping to compile the Citizens Groundwater Database, please contribute your data to this effort.

Certified Laboratory Testing with Full Chain of Custody

We are providing the following resources:

Regional Professions working closely with CCGG and certified laboratories.

Local Certified Testing Laboratories

If you are a certified laboratory and you want to be added to this list, please contact us.