2009.03.17 – Are waste-coal power plants making us sick?

From: Sue Sturgis <suesturgis@gmail.com>
Date: March 17, 2009 12:32:14 PM EDT
To: suesturgis@gmail.com
Subject: The federal government’s attempted suppression of polycythemia vera research


Dear Friends,

I invite you to read a story I wrote for Facing South magazine about efforts by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry to squelch scientific findings that pointed to a link between environmental contamination and polycythemia vera in eastern Pennsylvania:

The story is based on disturbing Congressional testimony delivered last week by Dr. Ronald Hoffman of Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, one of the scientists involved in the research. Dr. Hoffman told a Science and Technology subcommittee that he was “outraged” at ATSDR’s “obvious attempt at intimidation.”

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Sue Sturgis, Editorial Director
Institute for Southern Studies/Facing South