Green Carbon – Role of Alternative and Renewable Energy

The Carbon County Groundwater Guardians does not specifically endorse or support any form of energy production. Neither do we advocate the discontinuation of any form of energy production, unless it is proven to be a clear and present danger to the public’s health and safety.  As an educational non-profit organization, we exist to share information about how all of these forms of energy production impact our environment, and specifically our drinking water.  CCGG has been involved with education events and training sessions that have encouraged the need for a national energy policy and provided information related to the use of  wind, solar, groundsource, biomass, and other homegrown energy solutions.  In addition, we have conducted private well owner education programs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Accordingly, CCGG will use this page, as well as all other pages on this website including the Blog, as a source for information regarding the progress and pitfalls along the path as we move as a nation toward energy independence using clean, renewable energy.


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