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Polycythemia Vera


ATSDR scientists based their proposed American Hematology Society presentation on preliminary data, using inappropriate analytic methods. As a result, they inferred prematurely that an association exists between the development of PV and whether the patient had lived near the McAdoo Associates Superfund Site in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Polycythemia Vera – May 1, 2004 – American Family Physician

Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of chronic myeloproliferative disorders.

Polycythemia vera – Overview, Polycythemia vera is an abnormal increase in the number of blood cells (primarily red blood cells) produced by the bone marrow.


Pennsylvania lawmakers advance cancer cluster bills (May 09, 2007)

Goodbye to Cancer Valley: In remembrance of John Soley

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A Web log documenting the toxic pollution and related environmental health problems facing Hometown, Pa., http://www.hometownhazards.com/

2009.06.12 – Polycythemia vera reported in vet exposed to war-zone burn pits

2009.07.08 – A comment on local cancer rates and the environment


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December 2005. Tamaqua Area Cancer Incidence Study; 1996 through 2002 area’spopulation by the statewide incidencerale for the 1996-2002 period.
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  1. Health: Tamaqua Area Cancer Incidence Study

Jan 19, 2006 Tamaqua Area Cancer Incidence StudyAbstract: Tamaqua Area Cancer Incidence Study 1996-2002 In the Spring of 2004, Pennsylvania Department
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  1. ATSDR – Polycythemia Vera Investigation

Polycythemia Vera (review article in American Family Physician) External Link. Tamaqua Area Cancer Incidence Study Report1996-2002 External Link
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