B.F. Environmental Builds Expertise into New Water Quality Mobile App – Know Your H20?

B.F. Environmental Builds Expertise into New Water Quality Mobile App

Company experts have developed a new tool that will help families stay healthy


WILKES-BARRE, PA—September 22, 2015—B.F. Environmental Consultants, an environmental consulting firm providing a range of services throughout the Northeast, announced today the launch of a new mobile app that will make it possible for homeowners to get answers about the quality of their drinking water. Brian Oram, a professional geologist and soil scientist and founder of B.F. Environmental Consultants, developed this new diagnostic tool, called “Know Your H2O?”

“Consumers have fully embraced mobile technologies. If we want to help them, we’re going to have to make our information available to them through their IOS and Android devices,” Oram said. “This new app will put actionable information about water quality into the hands of homeowners all across the country. I’m very proud of this new product.”

Know Your H2O? relies heavily upon the massive online water quality resource the company has made available through the launch of its Water Research Center website. The first version of the software helps consumers diagnose potential water quality problems by exploring aesthetic problems, physical problems, health concerns, or specific problems in their homes. The app is supported by additional content that is directly linked to the Water Research Center.

“This tool helps consumers diagnose problems, but then goes beyond that to provide recommendations for further testing or corrective action,” Oram said. “The app is based on a holistic approach and is guided by concerns about our water, homes, and health. It is a comprehensive tool that can be used by any homeowner, building inspector, water quality professional, or water treatment professional to diagnose a problem and determine next steps.”

For more information about the mobile app or to download your own free copy, visit: http://knowyourh2o.us

About B.F. Environmental Consultants, Inc.

B.F. Environmental Consultants, based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Poconos, has been providing professional geological, soils, hydrogeological, and environmental consulting services since 1985. The company specializes in the following areas: hydrogeological and wastewater evaluations for siting land-based wastewater disposal systems; soils consulting (soil scientists), environmental monitoring, overseeing the siting, exploration, and development of community/ commercial water supply sources; environmental training/ professional training courses, and other environmental services. For more information about B.F. Environmental Consultants, visit www.bfenvironmental.com and www.water-research.net.

Schaumburg area Illinois Get Your Private Well Tested Trichloroethylene (TCE)

“Water in some private wells near Schaumburg might be contaminated and should be tested, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.   Related Smoking around oxygen tank eyed as cause of fatal fire SCHAUMBURG AREA Smoking around oxygen tank eyed as cause of fatal fire.  During routine testing of Schaumburg’s water supply, the department officials discovered trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene might be present in private wells.  The wells that could be affected are in an area south of Algonquin Road, west of Salt Creek, north of Gold Road and east of Meacham Road. A second area located south of Briarwood Lane, north of Algonquin, east of Meacham and south of Westwood Lane could also be affected, according to the health department.

There were no violations of state or federal standards in Schaumburg’s community water supply, according to the public health department.

People in the areas potentially affected, and who get their water from private wells, are encouraged to have their well water tested for volatile organic compounds by a private laboratory.   Tetrachloroethylene (PERC) is a liquid often used in the textile industry and in aerosol dry-cleaning products, while trichloroethylene (TCE) is often used to remove grease from fabricated metal and to make some textiles, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.”  (article source)

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